Norwich Vikings MCC hosted their second race meeting of the year at their Cadders Hill, Lyng circuit on Sunday, with a big entry of riders competing in a fifteen race programme.
Fortunately, after weeks of a very dry spell, rain just prior to race day saw the popular circuit in perfect condition for racing.
The meeting included the final round of the Eastern Evo series, round six of the NGR over 30's, and three groups of allcomers, and after the timed practise sessions, the NGR riders came to the line for the first race of the day. 2017 champion, Liam Walker, stormed into the lead on his KTM twostroke machine, and was never headed during the twelve minute plus one lap race. Mark Goodson held second place for the first three laps until series leader, Aaron Hopkins took over. Hopkins closed the gap on Walker on the eighth and final lap but victory went to Walker. Goodson held onto third place from a hard charging Jake Morphey. Next up were the pre 1989 Evo class machines, and series leader Brad Tomlin led from start to finish chased by Jason Morland on a potent 500cc KTM twostroke. Suffolk youngster, Shane Lock, fought through from 7th place to claim third at the finish.
The allcomers races were split into three groups of forty riders each following timed practise, and the first C group race saw Norwich rider, John Cole taking the win, although he was coming under pressure from the impressive youth rider, Kye O'Flynn, at the finish. Enduro rider, James Barker, easily won the first B group race with Thomas Mustard and Surrey visitor, Roger Frean, next to finish.
Group A allcomers saw the fastest forty riders, which included a dozen expert graded riders, coming to the startline, and it was the Hertfordshire youngster, Adam Day, who led the pack from the start.
As the leaders reappeared down into the valley, Day was chased by Perry Galloway, Sam Arbon and Phil Burton. Some of the favourites, such as Steve Bixby, Reece Martin and Rheis Morter were buried in the pack, and it was obvious that there had been an incident at the top of the circuit. Meanwhile, Day had increased his lead to take the win with Harry Clark riding well in second place, chased by newly promoted expert, Ryan Watts, and George Ellis. Daniel Patterson had joined them in a great four way battle for second place. Local rider, Connor Baldry was the first junior grade rider in 7th place.
The second NGR race saw Liam Walker leading again, but Hopkins took over on lap four to take the win, increasing his lead in the series. Walker was second, with Jake Morphey finishing in a fine third place. Jason Morland took the holeshot in the second Evo race and at the end of lap one, championship leader, Tomlin, was down in 11th place. Morland took a comfortable win, and although Brett Fisher held second place for seven laps, Tomlin managed to snatch second place on the last lap.
Jordan Mustard won the second C class race, with O'Flynn charging from 12th place on lap one to claim second position. Despite a spill whilst leading, James Barker took his second win in the B group, and in the second A group race, Steve Bixby led all eight laps for the win. Ryan Watts is proving to be a promising expert grade rider, and held second place until Adam Day pounced on the last lap to just pip the disappointed Watts. Daniel Patterson and Harry Clark had another good race for 4th and 5th. Baldry again was the top junior, finishing in 9th place.
In the final NGR race, Hopkins was away last, as he had touched his start gate which had refused to drop. Liam Walker led from Morphey, Paul Burdett and Mark Goodson at the end of lap one, with Hopkins already passing lots of riders to appear in eighth place. On lap four, Hopkins was into second place, then with two laps remaining, took the race win after a brilliant ride.
Jason Morland took his second victory in the last Evo race, with the champion, Brad Tomlin, content to settle for second. Brett Fisher had another good ride for third place, with the ever popular Jon Barfoot passing Glen Bixby for fourth position.
Kye O'Flynn easily won the third C group race to claim the overall win on the day, and with James Barker a non starter in the B group, victory went to Cameron Coltart. The last race of the day saw Steve Bixby in great form, leading from the start to win on one of his favourite circuits. Phil Burton held second place for four laps, chased by Harvey Mutton, Sam Arbon and George Ellis. Adam Day managed to pass them all to claim second place, and the overall win. Ellis passed Burton on the final lap for third place, with Patterson and Watts rounding out a good day for 5th and 6th places.

Round six NGR over30's overall.
1st Aaron Hopkins Husqvarna, 2nd Liam Walker KTM,3rd Jake Morphey Husqvarna, 4th Mark Goodson KTM, 5th Paul Hubbard KTM, 6th Steve Atkins Honda.
Final Eastern Evo round overall.
!st Jason Morland KTM, 2nd Brad Tomlin Honda, 3rd Brett Fisher Honda, 4th Jon Barfoot Honda, 5th Glen Bixby Honda, 6th Alex Hornsby Honda.
Allcomers group A overall.
!st Adam Day Husqvarna, 2nd Steve Bixby KTM , 3rd Ryan Watts Husqvarna, 4th George Ellis Husqvarna, 5th Daniel Patterson KTM, 6th Phil Burton KTM.
Group A juniors. 1st Connor Baldry Honda, 2nd Ben Alexander Husqvarna, 3rd Harvey Mtton KTM, 4th Jack Youngs Honda, 5th Joe Salmons KTM, 6th Simon Daniels Honda.
Allcomers Group B overall.
1st Roger Frean Yamaha, 2nd James Barker KTM, 3rd Finlay Jarvis Yamaha, 4th Garry Holman Honda, 5th Cameron Coltart Honda, 6th Michael Brouse KTM.
Allcomers Group C overall.
1st Kye O'Flynn KTM, 2nd George Gurney ?, 3rd Ryan Bailey KTM, 4th Jonathan Finch Husqvarna, 5th Jack Whitlam KTM, 6th Robert Haydon KTM.

Report from Charlie Ralph, pics from Sophie Brinkley.